Monday, July 18, 2011

Lighting Up - Glamour up in Smoke

Over the years celebrity accessories have ranged from over sized fur boots to babies...often times outrageous, almost always over priced, and nearly always regrettable purchases to the general public. Every time something new comes up I laugh and scoff at how silly it would be to feed into it, but hey those boots are comfy and babies are cute! The only real accessory that has the allure to draw me in is the cigarette. So what is it about smoking that is so unbelievably appealing? Maybe its every one of my favorite stars, from Audrey, to Grace, Ingrid Bergman to James Dean, everyone of them from Film Noir to the present day broody, gritty star can be seen performing a deep inhale. But ahhh yes, with nearly everything comes consequences. Unfortunately I think w'ed all agree that cancer,smelling awful & rotting teeth win that battle; so in the meantime check out Honey Rose...made with Marshmallows & Honey; now that's my kind of cool.

trying to quit? check out :


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my Bleach post and for following me :) Great photographs, love xx

  2. you're so right! love all these photos. Keep it up :)

    Madeleine xxx

  3. Thanks for your comment. I''m following you.
    Like your blog!


  4. not a fan of smoking but these pics make it look good ha

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  5. UPDATE: received my super trendy "marshmallow" cigs in the mail...they tasted just like the real thing (which i suppose is great as a healthy alternative for smokers) but GROSS for me! ah well guess ill just have to wait for Halloween for the real deal: CANDY cigarettes.

  6. I just love the one of Penelope from Vicky Cristina Barcelona! <3

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  8. amazing pictures love all of them :) x