Monday, July 18, 2011

Lighting Up - Glamour up in Smoke

Over the years celebrity accessories have ranged from over sized fur boots to babies...often times outrageous, almost always over priced, and nearly always regrettable purchases to the general public. Every time something new comes up I laugh and scoff at how silly it would be to feed into it, but hey those boots are comfy and babies are cute! The only real accessory that has the allure to draw me in is the cigarette. So what is it about smoking that is so unbelievably appealing? Maybe its every one of my favorite stars, from Audrey, to Grace, Ingrid Bergman to James Dean, everyone of them from Film Noir to the present day broody, gritty star can be seen performing a deep inhale. But ahhh yes, with nearly everything comes consequences. Unfortunately I think w'ed all agree that cancer,smelling awful & rotting teeth win that battle; so in the meantime check out Honey Rose...made with Marshmallows & Honey; now that's my kind of cool.

trying to quit? check out :

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ode to Bonham Carter

      Like any minority, I naturally flock to those that are similar to me: Red Heads. Known for our feisty attitudes, mischievous ways, sensual side (its true, statistically red heads have more sex) & last but not least our inability to fall asleep (it takes 20-30 percent more anesthesia to put us under!)
      One in particular stands out. Helena Bonham Carter (fantastic in her own right, but also the wife of Tim Burton)So what do you think about her, hot ticket or hot mess?

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Duluoz Legend

For those of you who know me (and lets be serious at this point I doubt I have many avid readers that aren't family) you may not know that I have been having an undying love affair with Jack Kerouac. If you haven't read on the road you should be ashamed...and if you have move forward to big sur, dharma bums, subterraneans, tristessa and more. What I love so much about these stories is that even on the last page, I never feel complete. There is never an end all be all "this is what you should have learned" they are simply stories of love, adventure, disaster, friendship, fear and they cannonball from one to the next in no particular order. Its like a web of someones life that doesn't really make sense until you read it all...and even then its a little blurry. 
To make a long story short I spent the better portion of 2010 pouring my heart and soul into the beat generation. And when I came up for air, I had these:
the women of the Duluoz legend; full of love & proverbially imperfect

Thursday, July 7, 2011

hit the ground running

         Business cards are made! Special shout out to Elizabeth Arcese at INKD for helping me get there! So what does it take to start a small business in an apocalyptic economy? Well I am on my way to finding out, PRODUCT...oh thats right, it would be great if I had something to sell... baby steps.